photography & artist books with photography – recent work and work-in-progress

For an upcoming artist book, I have been taking B&W photographs of bridges and stairways that are part of my neighborhood. Why bridges and stairways: because I often abstract from such structures the concept of transposing oneself from one reality to another – a commonplace in an immigrant’s life.







From 2015: Lightweight pages with RC photos tipped-in:


lw stairs


lw stairs closeup

Sculpted page by page, this book embodies a beam. Its content speaks of ways to cope with a world in which the elements of balance that matters most are intangible: situations with as much surface tension as a soap bubble; variations of minds throughout seasonal fluctuations of daylight; the percentage of madness within genius and vice-verse. It uses hand-set type, photographs and drawings to illustrate the effort of holding under one’s fingertips the elusive body of human relations.

lw head crop

Printed in an edition of 21, to be bound upon request. Each commission will be personalized.

Tech specs: 3-part construction Limp Vellum binding on dyed parchment, sculptural element, custom-fitted box, tipped-in RC photographs, letterpress printed from hand-set type, wood-cuts and photopolymer-plates.

The price is U$ 2,100. More info here. Inquiries, please feel free to email me at



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