ana paula cordeiro is a Brazilian-born, New York-based, full-time analogue bookmaker who loves to work and misses her family.

who rides a bicycle weather permitting, and who worships animals of all sorts.

who makes artist books and commissioned projects, and who volunteers.

– the artist books deal with coherence/consistencies/concision and, more precisely, the lack of.

– the commissioned projects are in book-binding and box-making.

– the volunteering happens as much and as quietly as possible at the center for book arts – if there ever truly was an alma mater, that would be it.

her letterpress-printed and hand-bound artist books are regularly featured in group shows nationwide, and her work is collected privately and institutionally.

recently requested to produce a “100-words general statement”, came up with

“Coherence and consistency are keywords for my photographic memory. The analytical aspect of my personality struggles with the multifaceted stories of each encounter, with how many versions of ourselves we produce as we move on. A clear recollection may create multiples, may generate a variable edition of selves – which by themselves are harmless, until they start conflicting with one another.

Incoherently and inconsistently I witness as we move on, leaving behind our all-but-linear narratives – the many books within books of our selves. The method of my artistic inquiry is in the making of books. The artistic inquiry itself is the making of books.

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